No More Fear

MIT biochemists identified the molecular mechanism that creates fear and successfully cured it in mice. Give it a few years and you can kiss that nagging fear of public speaking goodbye!       [via]

Category Update: Computer

The Computer tag/category has been updated to Tech.  The Web tag/category has  been nested under Tech.

More TVs Than People

HA! More TVs Than People The average American home now contains more televisions than people. What do you think?

MS Office 2007 Backwards Compatability

Geoff @ Gearfire posted a great tip regarding backwards compatability for Office 2007.  Microsoft® released a compatability pack the will allow you to open the new formats in older versions of Office.  I haven”t tested it out yet, but I…

WordPress Plugins Directory

Jeremy over at ShoeMoneyâ„¢ posted on “eye opener” for me regarding public browsing of the WordPress plugins directory.  As you can see via Google, many folks aren’t as secure as they probably should be. I immediately checked and my directory…


I am working on cleaning up the categories & tags for the blog.  In the meantime, use the search feature if you are trying to locate on old post.

Cool things @ Wikipedia.

I love Wikipedia and use it as my primary point of reference.  Many people might not know that it goes well beyond your standard encyclopedic reference.  One of my fav’s is using it to refresh myself of books that I’ve…


Adam Pash over at posted a review of a new web based RSS reader called Fastladder. Based on his review, I decided to go check it out. While the integrated search feature is cool and something that I would…

May 07 Updates

I am working on upgrading the blog and attempting to determine the direction that I want to take it. Over the next several days, retrodbonus there may be some short periods of downtime and interface options that aren”t working.