Some scientists upset with Gore

Scientists “there are a lot of inaccuracies in the statements we are seeing, and we have to temper that with real data.” read more | digg story

The Legend of Leeroy Jenkins

The local free newspaper for the Denver area The Westword has posted a great little article that discusses a little about the phenomena from World of Warcraft known as Leeroy Jenkins. If you ever wondered who the person really is,…

“Ocean” Found Beneath Asia

Richard A. Lovett for National Geographic News February 27, 2007 A giant blob of water the size of the Arctic Ocean has been discovered hundreds of miles beneath eastern Asia, scientists report. Researchers found the underground “ocean” while scanning seismic…

Chicken Police

Silly rabbit, fighting’s for humans.

5,100lb Fish

Pics and Videos – The ocean sunfish (mola mola) is the largest bony fish in the world. It is a unique pelagic fish, and specimens of ocean sunfish have been observed up to 3.3 m (11 ft) in length and…

Nigerian scammers

Ever wonder what happens when you reply to the Nigerian scammers? Our dear friend Crack explores the lengths that Nigerian scam artists will go to get a mere $550. read more | digg story

Most Indian men want virgin brides – but WTF?!

Nearly two-thirds of young Indian men expect the woman they marry to be a virgin, but nearly half have had sex with prostitutes, according to a poll. But that’s not the kicker…. check out the last sentence of this article….

Little Hypocrites

Something about a handbasket & going somewhere in it. GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS, UNBELIEVABLE NEWS by Bill Winter () High school students against free speech Here”s the good news: Fully 69% of American high school students think musicians should be…