FastladderAdam Pash over at posted a review of a spacer.gifnew web based RSS reader called Fastladder. Based on his review, I decided to go check it out. While the integrated search feature is cool and something that I would really like to see in Google Reader, I prefer having a “river of news.” I enjoy being able to read based on time posted versus having to read an entire blog before moving on.

In addition, I am not a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts. I know they are the holy grail of efficiency, but I like being able to click on next story to move on. At Fastladder you have to keep scrolling or try to remember what the hot key is.

For me, for now, Google Reader is still tops.


  1. Did you try searching text within a post? I was only able to search the name of the subscribed feed. I’m interested in learning if I’m missing something.

  2. Junyor

    Great point and something that wasn’t mentioned in the lifehacker review. The integrated search feature only let’s you search feed titles. This is only cool if you have a zillion feeds and you only want to read something from a certain feed. It doesn’t have the capability to find that great article you read 2 weeks ago about the singing cat.

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