Advertising Fast Stats

  • $500 billion dollars are being spent on ads, more than half of that in the US
  • On an average day, The Average American consumes:
    • 6 hours of Television
    • 2.5 hours of Radio
    • 31 minutes of Internet
  • United States is 6% of world’s population, and generates 60% of the world’s ads.
  • The eye travels across a page at a speed of 100 miles per hour.

Advertising is plagued by HKM – “Homogenized Kodak Moments”. Campaigns across industries look the same and nothing stands out anymore. Marketers need to do a better job turning TV and radio into direct response vehicles. Consumers will go to websites and offer information about themselves (for free) if they’re compelled by advertising.

Source: “How to Enter the Golden Age of Agency/Client Relationships.” Steve Cone, Former Managing Director and Head of Advertising and Brand Management, Citigroup Global Wealth Management. ANA Agency/Client Forum, 07/19/07.

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