Ten Key Online Predictions for 2008

eMarketer has issued these 10 prediction for 2008.   Nothing particularly surprising about their assessment.   I give the agree/disagree/no comment after each.

  1. Online ads stay resilient. [agree]
  2. Video surge slows. [disagree]
  3. Social network advertising hits $1.6 billion.  [agree]
  4. Networking goes beyond MySpace and Facebook. [agree]
  5. YouTube decides the election. [disagree / they (you tubers) are tethered to their computers, they won”t venture out on election day in significant numbers to decide the election.]
  6. Beijing Olympics pumps ad spend. [no comment]
  7. “Buy online, pick up in-store” becomes stock feature. [agree]
  8. Movie downloads go mainstream. [it should, but I don”t know if it will]
  9. Music marketers roll out new business models. [they should, but I don”t know if they will]
  10. Dynamic ads heighten gaming revenue potential. [anything is possible]

They also project an increase in online advertising, “marketing executives will gravitate toward the internet, looking for more measurable ad formats to buttress their positions.”

Online Ad Spending

In addition, eMarketer sees a increase in online video ad spending.

Online Video Ad Spending


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