Online Video Usage Numbers

Pew Internet & American Life Project released indicating that the number of internet users who visit video sharing sites is on the rise.

Question: “Do you ever use the internet to watch a video on a video-sharing site like YouTube or GoogleVideo?”

Answer(s): [Ever / Yesterday / Have Not / Don”t Know]

  • 48% of internet users said they had ever visited a video-sharing site such as YouTube. A year ago, in December 2006, 33% of internet users said they had ever visited such sites. That represents growth of more than 45% year-to-year.
  • 15% of respondents said they had used a video-sharing site “yesterday,” the day before they were contacted for our survey. A year ago, 8% had visited such a site “yesterday.” Thus, on an average day, the number of users of video sites nearly doubled from the end of 2006 to the end of 2007.

In addition, they asked:

A) If they had ever recorded their own video.

  • 22% Yes
  • 77% No

B) If you record your own video, do you ever post your videos on the internet.

  • 14% Yes
  • 86% No

These results come from a survey of 2,054 American adults (age 18 and older) conducted between October 24 and December 2, 2007. The number of internet users asked the video-sharing question was 1,359. The margin of error on the sample of internet users is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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