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It made me laugh.

One More Thing…

Those people over at the G4 network have too much time on their hands. Check out the clip.

Chuck Norris Responds

Chuck Norris is aware of the “facts” being spread around the internet, but so far, has graciously decided to not roundhouse kick the authors into next week, IN RESPONSE TO THE “RANDOM FACTS” THAT ARE BEING GENERATED ON THE INTERNET

Worst analogies ever!

This is really funny. Kind of makes me wish I had that kind of writing talent. Site: Worst analogies ever written in a high school essay My personal favorites: “He spoke with the wisdom that can only come from experience,…

A case of the Mondays

Well, it is Monday again, so I will post a little something to help keep you entertained. From Urban75s, “Things to do when you’re bored.” Have a “Who is less competitive” competition wonder (Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes) Trying to win…


WARNING !!! ADULT LANGUAGE How the other side lives. Hit Play to Start. Launch in external player

Corporate Buzzword

You know corporate buzzwords like syngergy, blue sky, and value added are on the way out when Hallmark comes up with a card showcasing them. Check it out HERE.

Out & About

So I am out & about for another day, but i didn’t want everyone to get too bored without me. So here is a little something to entertain yourself with. Harriet Miers Blog FYI – I was back at the…

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun

I am thinking Gun: Targets rock, Destroys Scissors….oh no, Paper: Outlaws Gun. Darn Gun Ban Lobby. See this to understand what I am talking about. More information located here. Vote for your favorite in the new poll. The winner of…

Want 1 Million Dollars?

$1,000,000 For Safe Capture of a Bigfoot, Yeti, or Nessie. At the 5th Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas, October 15-16, 2005, and the Bates College Cryptozoology Symposium in Lewiston, Maine, October 28-29, 2005, Loren Coleman will be unveiling…