1. Codiac

    Mr. Junyor,

    You are receiving this correspondence due to a video, posted by you, on http://www.junyor.net. We represent one Mr. Codiac, a fellow contributor to the afor mentioned website. Your wanton and careless posting of this video was the cause of a massive hemorrhage in Mr. Codiac’s abdominal region, a direct result of the belly laughter this video invoked.

    You are hereby notified of Mr. Codiac’s intention to gain just compensation for his medical bills and for pain and suffering. Thank you.

    Ambul, Lance, and Chaser Law firm

  2. Junyor

    Firm of Ambul, Lance, and Chaser —

    On behalf of our client, Mr. Junyor, we wish you the best of luck on trying to collect.

    Best Wishes,
    Law Firm of Duey, Cheetum & Howe

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