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It made me laugh.

The Legend of Leeroy Jenkins

The local free newspaper for the Denver area The Westword has posted a great little article that discusses a little about the phenomena from World of Warcraft known as Leeroy Jenkins. If you ever wondered who the person really is,…

Chicken Police

Silly rabbit, fighting’s for humans.

Nigerian scammers

Ever wonder what happens when you reply to the Nigerian scammers? Our dear friend Crack explores the lengths that Nigerian scam artists will go to get a mere $550. read more | digg story

Don’t Download this Song

the record store’s where you belong. Go and buy the CD like you know that you should…  You don’t want to mess with the RIAA, they’ll sue you if you burn that CDR, it doesn’t matter if you are a grandma…


From the Daily Show, Fall of 2005.  Seems relevant.

Shatner Roast

The Roast of William Shatner is coming up this weekend on Comedy Central.  10p/9c…check your local listings!      From Comedy Central:  It’s William Shatner’s turn to step in to the celebrity hot seat for the latest installment of The Comedy…

Wisps: April Fools

From April Fool’s! – Nebu on 4/03/06 In a cunning attempt to take April Foolery to a new maximum, the Blizzard Joke Squadâ„¢ decided to shake things up this year by posting our jokes slightly ahead of schedule! Well,…

Air guitars

We all know that Nogginfogger Skeleton’s rock out to the air guitar, but many of us may not know the definition or origin of such a fine instrument.  The following information is brought to you by Uncyclopedia. Air guitars are…