An Inconvenient Truth: The Movie

I rarely go out to the movies, but I am in San Francisco this week and my hotel is right next to a movie theatre that shows art house & independent films.  And since we flew in on Sunday, I had a some free time that evening to make my way over (after supper of course) and watch the new Al Gore movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The movie is based off the slideshow he’s been giving for years about global warming, however it is updated with recent data and is interspersed with biographical information about Al Gore.  All that being said, I did find the movie interesting.  If the science proves to be true, we are heading for some serious trouble. I am asking our resident scientist, “Codiac”, our resident expert on climate change, “Oracle”, and our legal expert, “Mensrea” to go out and see the movie and let me know their thoughts regarding the data and conclusion presented.  Regardless of your politics, I think this movie is worth seeing, if only to open the dialogue.      

I will close by agreeing with all the pundits who said that if Vice President Gore had displayed this amount of personality during the 2000 presidential campaign, he would not only have one the popular vote, but the electoral college as well.

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