An Inconvenient Truth: Follow-up

I was browsing the net doing some follow-up research on the movie, “An Incovenient Truth,” and I happened upon a very informative site on climate science,  Real Climate, Climate science from climate scientists.  

Dr. Eric Steig, an isotope geochemist at the University of Washington in Seattle has posted a review of the movie and the science behind it over at RealClimate.  I respect both his tone and research, so I am not going to do a review of the review, you can click on the link to read the full text.   Here is a brief excerpt. 

“For the most part, I think Gore gets the science right, just as he did in Earth in the Balance. The small errors don’t detract from Gore’s main point, which is that we in the United States have the technological and institutional ability to have a significant impact on the future trajectory of climate change. “

The review was very informative and went a long way in answering many of questions that I had about the movie.  So informatiive that I have added a link to on the sidebar.  In addition, I have created a science category for the J&C blog.

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