Tiny Twitter

Tiny Twitter is mobile application that will run on any java enabled device, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile (Professional or Smartphone).  I downloaded the Windows Mobile Pocket PC version and took it for a spin on my AT&T Tilt.

Tiny Twitter 1  vs Twitter Mobile 1 

The Tiny Twitter interface (above, on the left) has more bells & whistles than the standard pocket IE twitter interface (above, on the right) at http://m.twitter.com.  With the pocket IE version you are relegated to a text only interface.  However, there is something to be said about keeping things slim when you are on a mobile device.

Tiny Twitter 2   Tiny Twitter Tweet

The Tiny Twitter menu gives you options to post a new tweet, reply directly to a user,  send a direct message, delete a tweet, look a user’s timeline, go to your inbox, and fiddle with your settings.   Unfortunately after you post a tweet, Tiny Twitter leaves you on the ‘post a tweet’ page, rather than taking you back to the main menu.

 Tiny Twitter Interface   Tiny Twitter Sync

Under the settings menu, you can edit your login credentials, define your sync period, select an option to play a sound when you receive a new direct message and setup a proxy.

Tiny Twitter 4

I am pretty impressed with Tiny Twitter and encourage my mobile friends to take it for a test drive.  You can download Tiny Twitter here: http://www.tinytwitter.com/m/ or by visiting: http://m.ttwt.at from your mobile device.

Tip to Pocket PC Thoughts & the Geekzone for this little gem. 

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