• That's a really good question, unfortunately I don't have an answer. The left fan on my macbook pro is acting up and it's driving me bonkers. Until I get it fixed (later this week), I refuse to use it.

  1. BillARunion

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  2. Elvin

    I just recorded my first Quicktime video in Snow Leopard and my Logitech Quickcam 9000. Looks awesome. Thanks for the tip

  3. PatrikVk

    Hi! How do you make your cam run smooth when you record with Quicktime? Mine runs slow as hell… in any of the quality settings…

    I have snow leopard and the same camera.. but I cant get mine to work as good as urs! Did you do anything?

  4. PatrikVk

    Hi! I forgot to say! My exposure seems to be very high, and thats why I Get low framerate! But when i point the camera to the laptops monitor, the exposure lowers and the frames per second goes up alot! And the cam just runs smoothly. I wish it would be the same when the camera is directed towards me!

    I plugged in my cam, its recognizeable by skype, but the framerate is so low. Any idea?

    • duderion

      I have the same Problem with the high exposure and low Framerate, even with SnowLeopard…so whats the trick…

  5. PatrikVk

    Hi Guys! I've got it now!!! I know how to get the framerate higher! FINALLY!

    So, I realised that my webcams framerate (and exposure) Always got higher when i aimed the camera towards the TV or my monitor.. right?
    And it didnt matter how much light i had pointed at me, the exposure was too bad and that just lowered the framerate alot.

    By a misstake i did when testing the camera on my ps3 (same problem there obviously) i discovered what we ALL need to do to make it work, and it's so damn simple..

    Okay guys, to get the right exposure and the right frame rate..
    Dont point the light on you… The light needs to be pointed behind you, then it will work.
    Like my spotlights in the ceiling, i've always pointed them straight down on me.. thinking it would work, but it never worked.

    So, what i did on my ps3 was to point the spotlights to the wall behind me, and then the cameras exposure got lower and the framerate went up to normal!!

    So when i realised it worked for my ps3 i plugged in the cam to the macbook to see if it works, and it does!
    So for you people who have this cam and it works for you, except for the framerate and exposure… if you just direct the light to behind you rather than On you, it will work.

    I'm sorry if im being unclear now or if i say things that doesnt make any sense, but if you have a question id be glad to try answer it.

  6. Yu131498

    I have the new Logitech C910, it does get detected under 10.6
    But video is extremely choppy with QuickTime on lowest setting to the point where it is unuseable. Skype and other apps does detect that I have a Logitech Webcam but does not display any vid, just black screen. Microphone works fine.