Social Networks & Brand Perception

I remember reading this back in July on MakretingCharts. At the time it didn’t really register as anything more than mildly interesting, but with all the talk over the last month about engagement and brand value, I thought it was worth another look.

Though many big brands are diving headfirst into social networks with hopes of enhancing their image, an overwhelming 96% of employed consumers say their opinion of a product brand does not change if that brand has no presence on a social networking site, according to a study from WorkPlace Media.

When asked what appeals most about social networking, the leading response (89%) was that it “allows me to stay connected to friends/family.”


So, not having an account on a social media site isn’t a brand killer. Who knew? Seriously, it’s more important to find an appropriate outlet to engage your customers. It might be twitter or facebook OR it might be a forum board on your site or just a freaking contact form.

Don’t take this to mean that you should avoid social media, rather you should figure out if it’s a media outlet or an engagement platform for your brand.

Enough of this, time to go look at some lolcats.

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