Hulu Mini Review

Hulu LogoI”ve been puttering around Hulu for a couple of weeks now and I can safely say that it has been an enjoyable experience.  I”ve managed to catch up on 30 Rock, Family Guy, & The Simpson.  In addition, I also watched a couple of minutes from the first episode of Doogie Howser, MD.   The quality of playback and speed factor for me has been excellent, although I haven”t had playback problems on NBC, CBS, ABC video sites. 

There user interface is intuitive and has a couple of simple, useful features that I find myself using every time I watch an episode online.   Like an option to dim the top #1 & bottom #2 navigation areas.  From the action bars that flank the playing video, you can choose to go full screen, pop the video out, lower the lights (dim area #1 & #2), rate the video, share via email, embed the video on your site, view episode details or give feedback.  

Hulu Overview

Right Action Bar | Shown above in the #2 section flanking the playing video.

Left Hulu Bar 

Left Action Bar | Shown above in the #2 section flank the playing video.

Hulu Right Action Bar

Sample Embed for everyone, the 30 Rock x-mas episode.

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  1. Junyor

    Author’s Note: This a mini review of Hulu (not as the title might indicate to some a review of something named Hulu Mini). Also note, that I didn’t use any piece of the official press kit in my review, however I will include some of the details from it below.

    Hulu is a New Corporate/NBC Universal Online Video Joint venture and is currently in beta. Hulu also offers premium programming from its growing partner base, which includes Bravo, E! Entertainment, FX Networks, Sci Fi Network, Sundance Channel, USA Networks, and more.

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