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Hulu Mini Review

I”ve been puttering around Hulu for a couple of weeks now and I can safely say that it has been an enjoyable experience.  I”ve managed to catch up on 30 Rock, Family Guy, & The Simpson.  In addition, I also…

Mobile Edition

The blog has gone mobile.   Check it out from your mobile phone the next time you are waiting in line somewhere.  The site auto redirects, so no need to remember a different address.  Enjoy!   

WordPress Plugins Directory

Jeremy over at ShoeMoneyâ„¢ posted on “eye opener” for me regarding public browsing of the WordPress plugins directory.  As you can see via Google, many folks aren’t as secure as they probably should be. I immediately checked and my directory…

Cool things @ Wikipedia.

I love Wikipedia and use it as my primary point of reference.  Many people might not know that it goes well beyond your standard encyclopedic reference.  One of my fav’s is using it to refresh myself of books that I’ve…

Need a New Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2.  It has a new user interface, tabbed browsing, RSS feed support and more.  I know, I sound like a schill for Microsoft, but clearly I am only a plant.


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.


Welcome to the new site. I hope to have it up and running in the next few days. I have no idea where this blog will lead, but I put it out in cyberspace – let’s let intent lead it…