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Google Reader Stats

I’ve been using Google Reader for about a year now.  In addition to being a great cross platform RSS aggregation tool, it provides some interesting stats (Trends) about your reading habits. For instance, I’ve read 4,627 over the last 30…

Posh Pets

Dolly the Dog enjoyed a spa day yesterday!     I can highly recommend Dawn Dillard and her Posh Pet’s mobile grooming & photography service.  They service the Collin County, Texas area: McKinney, Frisco, Plano & Allen. I can’t image dropping Dolly…


Okay, so I am not an early adopter.  In fact, I tried my best to stay away.  I tried Jaiku, Pownce, blog asides, instant messaging, but alas – I am finally using Twitter.  Come over and check out my updates…

Wow – It seems to work

I love it when a plan comes together! I can now post from my anywhere. Not that I will, but I enjoy that I can.

Testing this out again

Testing out cronless postie instead of the default that comes with wordpress. Hopefully this works much better. It would rule if I could post from my mobile.

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