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Real Men of Genius

Bud Light has released an iPhone app for their “Real Men of Genius” campaign. They are my favorite radio ads of all time.  The one minute spots started in 1999 and over 100 hilarious commercials have been produced to date….

Clear Skies

It is a beautiful day in Dallas. If the wind would settle down a little bit, it would be perfect Posted via web from Brian Junyor's Stream how to enlarge penis size zp8497586rq

Complete 137-Year PopSci Archive Online

treatment for kidney disease div class=”posterous_autopost”> We”ve partnered with Google to offer our entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements. And today we”re excited…

Linux, Wine and Access 2007

Currently, Access will install but not start up (bugs 18889 & 1­9297). There are two known workarounds (tested in 1.1.33): Workaround 1:(preferred method, as it does not remove any dependencies) Use a resource editor to extract the manifest from ACEDAO.DLL…

Pale Blue Dot

Monday, Nov 9th would have been Carl Sagan's 75th birthday. Posted via web from Brian Junyor's Stream Casino gambling online site zp8497586rq

TwitCritics: Twitter Movie Reviews

Now, TwitCritics aims to do the same with Twitter () “reviews”, piling up positive and negative tweets about movies and creating a score and a top list of the most popular movies currently playing. via Very cool site. Posted…

GreaseKit – User Scripting for Safari

User Scripting for all WebKit applications GreaseKit is a SIMBL plugin, that adds user scripting to Safari, Mailplane, Diet and all WebKit applications. via Posted via web from Brian Junyor’s Stream

Mac OS X – Software Update

AppFresh (Mac OS X, Free) AppFresh is an automated update checker for Mac OS X. The tool scans your computer for installed software and checks for new versions against the database at web site i use this. via Very…