Linux, Wine and Access 2007

Currently, Access will install but not start up (bugs 18889 & 1­9297). There are two known workarounds (tested in 1.1.33):

Workaround 1:(preferred method, as it does not remove any dependencies)

  1. Use a resource editor to extract the manifest from ACEDAO.DLL (you will find it in the same directory as msaccess.exe). (I used Resource Tuner; it has a free trial and runs well under Wine.)
  2. Save the extracted manifest as acedao.manifest in the same directory as msaccess.exe.
  3. Delete or rename the ACEDAO.DLL located in that directory. (There is another copy in another directory–no need to change it.)

Workaround 2: (use only if there is no ACEDAO.DLL installed anywhere)

  1. Open the file msaccess.exe.manifest­ (you should find it in the same directory as msaccess.exe) in a text editor.
  2. Delete the following: ­ ­
             ­  ­ 
  3. Save the edited file.

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