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I’ve been using Google Reader for about a year now.  In addition to being a great cross platform RSS aggregation tool, it provides some interesting stats (Trends) about your reading habits. For instance, I’ve read 4,627 over the last 30 days – on average that’s 155.73/day.  Of those 4,672, I’ve shared less than 5% (4.64%) of the posts/articles that I’ve read and starred less than 1% (.47%).

The numbers are probably a little skewed by the amount of crap shared from the CNN news feed.  90% junk / 10% worthwhile, but the 10% makes it worth keeping.

Another reason for the low percent of shared information is the amount of duplication across blogs and writers. It’s nuanced and worth reading each post, but usually only worth sharing the first mover.

Even though I am spending more time at FriendFeed these days, I find Google Reader and RSS aggregation to still be the meat and potatoes of my internet experience, FriendFeed is the dessert.  I guess that’d make Twitter the soda pop.

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