Windows Live Writer CTP

Late last year I posted about my first impression of Windows Live Writer — to summarize, I was pretty impressed.   I’ve used it numerous times over the last 6 months to write and post entries to the blog and it has worked very well for me.

Microsoft has released a Technical Preview with some pretty snazzy new additions.  Frederic @ The Last Podcast has already covered the best ones:

1) Improved Category Control (now you can search)

WLW Category Search

2) Word Count

WLW Word Count

3) Auto Link Glossary  (auto adds links to popular terms that you’ve previously linked to, like FriendFeed)

WLW Link Glossary

4) Lightbox support (if your site uses lightbox)

5) New image controls (like tilt)

WLW Image Control

I was already impressed with Windows Live Writer and these new features seal the deal.  Tip of the hat to Frederic for posting about the Technical Preview and thereby bringing it to my attention.

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