I was bored so I decided to clean out my spam trap and found this gem.  What makes it unusual is that it wasn’t hocking some kind of perverse sex site.  It has a link to some UK golf site & a marriage equality site. 


First off, ataxophemia is not spelled correctly, it should be ataxiophemmia, which refers to an incordination of the speech muscles.  Then we have trinary, consisting of three parts.  Followed by exponency, which isn’t a word, but for sake of argument will say that it is the “ency” of exponent and therby means the act of explaining.  Learner is pretty simple, a student.  Unrulableness, hmm, not a real word, but I assume it means not able to be ruled.  Eldery = aged.  Albino = deficiency in pigmentation.  Rebellious = defying or resisting some established authority.

So what we are left with is three folks with speech issues trying to explain to a student what it means to throw off the shackles of tyranny imposed by the old white rebels?  And these are the folks trying the spam me to a golf site.  Seriously?

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