1. No site would be complete without the intellectual and insightful quotes provided to us by some figures of the greatest historical significance. Sure there are quotes by philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Buddha and Aristotle; or more modern day theorists like Moore, Descartes, Nietchze and Freud. Could turn to historical leaders inspirational quotes, world has many of them. But all these pale in comparison to the likenesses of the ones I am proposing. The world changed course with the insights these figures shared with us. We have been honored with their presence in our culture, shaping our culture. Their impact may never fully be comprehended.

    First, there is the one and only, the Bart Simpson.
    He challenged us to not sit back and accept Big Brother’s dominance over us. He would not be held down by the proverbial “Man”. He challenged us to break free of conventional binds such as school house discipline where we first are subjugated to the molding process to be all alike. He held onto his individuality. He wouldn’t be oppressed. Even through hardship and the torture of having to write on a blackboard, he was committed to the cause, he never gave up hope. He is an inspiration to us all.

    Secondly, Pinky and the Brain.
    Daily, we challenge ourselves with intellectual enrichment. We often lose touch with reality and enter an enlightened plane of existence when we contemplate much of life. Some call it zoning out, some may say daydreaming, but we all enter this realm pondering life. Pinky and the Brain challenge us to not just hold those thoughts back but to share with each other so we, as a society, can move forward finding that unreachable utopia existence.

    In a runner up role, though his message is being tainted by overuse and therefore the effect is diluted, we find Jack Handy.
    A contemporary amongst us, he showed us true enlightenment in a struggling world of today. When brick-sized mobile phones and 333mHz computers were taking control of our world, never to lose their grip over us, Jack Handy was there, leading us down the path to complete enlightenment.

  2. Codiac

    Ah, that reminds me:

    “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Bet that’ll make Oracle’s afternoon

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