HeMan & the Bell Ringer

This post is mostly to pay Mensrea back for posting the crazy hands lady video, but also because these made me laugh. I should caution that your world will never seem the same if you watch this first video.

He Man does 4-Non Blondes

The next one is just sad. Sad for all involved, can you imagine his poor parents. It should be noted that it is a proud moment in a boy’s life when he is chosen to be the Texas Tech bell ringer…well, it used to be.

Texas Tech Bell Ringer


  1. Codiac

    Junyor, I just thought you should know, you’ve now ruined every fond childhood memory I had of He-Man and have traumatized me for life.

    I hope you’re happy now.

  2. Codiac

    Against my better judgement, I watched the Texas Tech bell-ringer video.

    I really don’t know what the big deal’s about. I mean, he obviously likes ringing his bell hard and fast but that’s not necessarily wrong, is it?


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