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eReader Bliss

Very snazzy device from Plastic Logic that was presented at DEMO.  I’ve held off on buying a kindle, but I think I would invest in this device. via CrunchGear

Fisher Space Pen

After reading about it and then seeing it at the local Staples, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Bullet Space Pen in Matte Black by Fisher.  Closed it’s a mere 3.75 inches, pop the cap off and attach…

Gas Prices Part 2

First:  I am not advocating the use of fossil fuels.  I believe we should continue the search for and development of renewable sources of energy that are economically feasible and environmentally responsible. Second:  I am not an economist.  Read at…

Economics 101: The Price of Gas

Gas prices are up and oil executives are once again testifying before Congress. Clearly, many politicians, pundits, and consumers lament the rising cost of gas. Before we join them in their chorus, let us take a step back and ask…

Let the search begin has a list of 70+ tools to aid you in searching for that perfect job.  Definately worth a look.  Tip to Wendy @ Lifehacker for steering me to