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I read somewhere that someone was using Blogsy and it’s built-in browser in the iPad app to copy and paste the layout into their Posterous blog.  I thought I’d go ahead and drop the $4.99 and test the concept out.  While it is nice to have the ability to do some pseudo wysiwyg formatting, I couldn’t find an easy way to attach and upload images to Posterous.  Hopefully the authors will add Posterous support in an upcoming version because I really do like the layout and interface of this app.  I’d show it to you, but as I mentioned before, I couldn’t figure out a way to get the images saved.  What I like about the app (aka excuse to use bullet points):


  • General text formatting

  • Drag and drop images

  • Sidebar to search

  • Ability to insert videos

When they add support for more platforms this will be an awesome app.  If you don’t have blogger or wordpress, I’d wait on paying $4.99 for a fancy markup editor that you have to copy and paste from. Be sure to head over to their about page, they have a poll going for which platform to add next:

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