Ubuntu Netbook Remix

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Eureka, the deed is done.  I finally managed to get Ubuntu for netbooks [Ubuntu Netbook Remix] installed on my ASUS EeePC 1000H.  I think my main problem was that I didn't follow the instructions, if you do – you should be fine.  That means, use a USB thumbdrive or flash drive if you're going to grab the image from the link below.  Also, it was a day for issues, my webcam drivers were messed up and I got a DVD stuck in my macbook.  That's all behind me, now I am cruising with Ubuntu on my netbook.

Here's a little video of my experience:

Download the image from here:

Install notes:
1) Use a USB thumbdrive/jumpdrive or flash drive
2) Read the instructions after the download
3) Use the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromImgFiles to create your bootable USB drive or flash drive
4) Enter your bios settings (F2 on my EeePC) and make sure your boot order is set correctly, then boot with your USB drive or flash drive inserted
5) Choose your partition options wisely, decide if you want to dual boot – or if like me, you want to dump windows completely.  Since I had data on other partitions, I chose only to remove the windows partition (3rd option, custom).  I created a partition that was as large as the original windows, minus twice the size of my ram (x2 = 4 gigs).  The I put Ubuntu on the empty big partition & and swap space on the extra 4 gig partition.

After the install, things I've noticed:
1) Super zippy (that's very fast in Texas terminology)
2) Webcam is sub-par, so beware if you're a demon on Skype
3) Initial Audio volume is really low, make sure you click on the speaker icon at the top left, go into Volume Control… and set PCM and Line Out to max, then close and adjust from there.
4) Make sure you download the upgrades (see below)

1) Go to the Administration section on the left menu
2) Select Synaptic Package Manager
3) Click “Mark all upgrades”
4) Click “Apply”
5) Follow the prompts

That's all for now.  I'll give an update after a week or so of using it. 

Tomorrow's challenge – Snow Leopard.

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