Testing out video sites

The excitement of having a new webcam hasn”t worn off yet. I decided to try out two more video services, Ustream.tv & Mogulus. I took some pretty crappy video, mispronounced a few names, but all-in-all, enjoyed test driving both of these services. Ustream is definitely the easier of the two to use, but Mogulus has some really cool features. Ustream was also the winner in the live streaming quality department, but as for recording they seem about the same. If you watch the video you”ll see my excitement at finding some new feature midway through the recording.

Ustream also supports embedding your videos on another site, something that I couldn”t figure out how to do with Mogulus. I could embed my Mogulus channel, but if you are not live and don”t have loops setup, it isn”t very useful. If you want to see my video there, you”ll need to head over to my Mogulus page and click “On-Demand” and select the clip to play.

I like Ustream better, but you be the judge. In addition, I”ve posted the blip.tv upload from my AT&T Tilt that I mentioned on the Ustream vid. Oh, and remember, I am a newbie – so be kind if you comment.



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