Lifestreaming: Bringing it all together

After reading Mark Krynsky's post over on the Lifestream Blog, I've decided to give Posterous a go as the centralized entry area for my stream to the interwebs.  What does that mean?  Well – for you, nothing.  If you read my updates on twitter, you'll still see them there – ditto for Facebook, FriendFeed, or my old blog.

My goal is to bring some order to the chaos and to remove any duplicate postings. I haven't quite figured out how I am going to work through my Google Reader shared items yet, but I am working on it.

Here's the article from Mark on using Posterous as a Lifestreaming Platform (plus it gives a good overview of what lifestreaming is):

And here is the article from Steve Rubel that initially renewed my interest in Posterous & sparked the article from Mark:

One slightly irrelevant side note: I signed up for Posterous back in July 2008, but never found a way to integrate it into what I was doing.  It was probably a lack of foresight, but I don't recall it having all these nifty feature back then.

Second slightly less irrelevant side note: My posterous site will be moving to in the next day or so.

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