Kindle at Target

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There are varying opinions of the viability of the partnership between Target and Amazon, but if my local market is any indication – it is a success.  My neighborhood store had completely sold through their initial stock and a check online showed the rest of the market has limited availability or is sold out.  The rest of the national rollout is underway and should be in all Target stores by Sunday.  Target did a 100 door test back in April.


Why it”s a good partnership.


The Target consumer is budget conscious and savvy.  At $259 the Kindle is priced right to get them into the e-book reader platform.  It”s a good partnership for Amazon because it opens up their retail to the person who wouldn”t order it sight unseen – the Target shopper.  The argument that Amazon is too late to market assumes that the target customer is an early adopter or into tech- they aren”t.   


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